Welcome to Cyder!

While Cryptocurrency market and consensus grows exponentially, reaching more than 50 billion dollars in 2017, a large number of Companies and Starups are being born every day.

Cyder wants to create a new Kind of Business Networking Club, that works as a vehicle, an accelerator which incorporates the concept of Crypto Business by giving the chance to entrepreneurs, IT specialists, programmers and other professionals to meet in various places of the world to talk about the future of money.

Cyder Networking Lounge (CNL) is the place to be for those who see a bright future for Cyprocurrencies. Cyder Currency will have various features including payment system to acces CNL, demo and instructive function to show the newcomers how a cryptocurrency works with practical exercises.

We have improved our wallet and our team is expecting a new contract by the end of April.


Project details

Type: Full-PoS currency
Ticker: CYDER
Maximum Supply: 80.000.000 CYDER
PoS Start: Block 200
PoS Rate: 5% yearly
Min. Stake Age: 3 hours
Max. Stake Age: unlimited
RPC Conn. Port: 48846
P2P Conn. Port: 48847 


Source Code

Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet (soon)

OS Wallet (soon)

Create a cydercoin.conf file in C:\Users\X\AppData\Roaming\cydercoin and paste the nodes written above.

Download Cyder Whitepaper